Road trips in Costa Rica

I decided to just have one page where many of my trips are listed. If you are interested in a certain road, click on that link and you can get an idea of what it is like. I still have more roads to add. I know this page is more for my own benefit so that I can have a space holder for all my trips. I don’t think many people are going to browse through so many albums! Hahaha! Still, it has been an enriching, moving experience for me to go through this process. To see all my trips in Costa Rica stirs my soul, brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. And, makes me want to go for another ride, right away!

PACIFIC (and Central Valley, more or less):

Highly recommended: usually a  great ride from Alajuela-La Garita-Atenas-San Mateo-Esparza-Caldera-back through Orotina-Puriscal: Mango Trees, Iguanas, and Blue Churches

Casita de Cafe Restaurant Rt 3

Short loop around Turrucares, Alajuela: Peaceful, easy feeling.

Through Hojancha, Nicoya, to Playa Carillo: Down the Avocado to the Nicoya coastline.

Nicoya! (2015)

Casa Caletas, Punta Coyote, Nicoya Gulf

Road Trip to Guanacaste (Feb 2015)

Trip to Guanacaste (North West) – December 2015

Tivives Beach: Don’t feed the crocodiles;  A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Bajamar and Guacalillo beaches: An extraordinary Day!

Caldera and Puntarenas:    Breakfast in Puntarenas;  Not the destination – Caldera


Palmares – Caldera: Flying like the wind

Route 755 and road to La Ceiba: A Stranger in a Strange Land.

Ride to Jaco and breakfast at Hotel Punta Caletas: Going with the flow: Jaco


Route 708 to Bajos del Toro 2015.

Top of Route 708

Up Calle Matamorros, down Route 708: There is life beyond Honda.

From Sarchi to Bajos del Toro to Termales del Bosque – Route 708. Here is a bit more about the first part of Rt 708, “They come to smoke pot, but they are not always married.”

Route 703 between Zarcero and San Ramon: A good day for a ridge and Back to Ridge 703. This also includes some photos of the road from San Ramon to Berlin and down to Zarazota. Steep!

Vara Blanca-San Miguel-Ciudad Quesada-Zarcero

Mostly Vara Blanca to San Miguel: Come Rain or Come Shine.

North to Los Chiles (the border with Nicaragua) and Caño Negro Lodge.

Road to Caño Negro

Monteverde/La Fortuna


Day Trip to Santa Maria de Dota (Feb 2013) Rt 2

Route 2 – It is indeed COLD on the Mountain of Death

Los Santos Area, from San Pablo to Route 313 then Across to 226

Acosta to Rio Conejo

Tabarca/Rio Conejo – Amazing views!

Route 301: Other worlds: Acosta/Cangrejal

Turrucares to Puriscal: Just Do It!

Puriscal-Orotina 2016

CENTRAL SOUTH EAST? Turrialba and Orosi (and Siquirres):

Cartago/Santa Cruz/Turrialba 2018 

Day Trip to Orosi (2013)

Turrialba 2015

Turrialtico Restaurant, Turrialba

Route 225 from Turrialba to Cachi/Cartago: Don’t you just love the name Tucurrique? 

To Santa Cruz to Siquirres

Route 415 From Turrialba to La Herediana  

Route 415 again.

Zurqui Mountains and Route 218 from Coronado to Cartago: Falling Into my Heart.

My beloved South Caribbean: Puerto Viejo September 12, 2017


Low Tide at Tortuga Beach

Golfito 2017

Swimming in the Golfo Dulce


Ah yes! How very lucky I am to have been able to FEEL the beauty, know the love, and live the power of riding my Honda to so many different parts of this amazing country! Can’t wait to discover more!






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