Among the wild flowers (Life in the M Zone!)

On Monday, November 29th, while resting in the afternoon, Sunday´s incredibly INTENSE ride down Calle San Francisco seemed ¨Long ago and far away¨ even though it was only the day before. How interesting!! What is that all about? I realized that, for me, it was mainly due to the following.

First, because one is in an altered state of consicousness while riding. Especially on challenging routes, one is on hyper alert, all senses activated to the max. It´s a kind of broad-yet-narrow full focus. Everything is more vivid. We are engaged on all levels: mind, body, and of course heart and sou! 🙂

Secondly, riding has the quality of being ¨other worldly.¨ One liiterally enters other worlds, as the human and natural landscapes change. In some places, one experiences wonder and delight, awestruck by the beauty, textures, colors, wind, sunlight (or rain), etc.

It is as if one traverses through gateways into new ¨dimensions.¨ Hahaha! Yeah. Into the ¨M Zone.¨ The Motorycle Zone.


This altered state is like being inside a bubble in time and space. (And my logo does symbolize this, for me.) One is in a distinct world from one´s ¨real¨ every-day world. Once one emerges, it is like waking up from a dream (much like Focusing journeys are, which is my practice for processing issues and situations). So, though a ride was ¨only yesterday,¨ it can seem like ¨long ago¨ the next day. Can you identify? What are your thoughts on this?

I wanted to share these musings of ¨Life in the M zone¨! Hahaha!!

Yeah, riding is most definitely a spiritual practice for many of us. It relieves stress and makes us happier. 🙂 As the Course in Miracle states, ¨God´s will for you is happiness.¨ And G.O.D. for me of course is the Great Out Doors.

Back to riding in Costa Rica, we are transitioning into summer and there are lots of flowers in bloom at the moment. And trees. I love the aromatherapy aspect of riding as well! 🙂 Soon, everything will dry up in many parts of the country and turn golden colored. A different kind of pastel beauty. Can´t wait till it finally arrives and stays! In the meatime, we are still having some rains.


I am going to share some slideshows and photos of some rides. Might not be so interesting for you, but I like to have them for my records.

The first is a ride I took with a new friend through Piedras Negras, to Desamparaditos, where I took a right to connect with route 137 to Orotina. Steep road. Then we went through Turrubares, the quarry, and up Calle Chompipe to Atenas. Fun! Not sure if I have time to ride with new friends though. Hahaha!

Then I share a few photos from Wednesday´s ride with Robert (yesterday).

Typical photo stop of mine on route 707 heading down to Escobal.

Robert and I took a sweet and easy ride around to Quebrada Amarilla up 239. We decided where to go as we went along, as we sometimes do. 🙂 The road in to the river from the coastal highway is lovely. It was nice to have a ¨smooth¨ feeling throughout the morning.

I came home via Chucaz Dam and Balsa. The first up and down hills are in poor condition, but I like this solitary road.

Chucaz Dam

As an afterthought, I also will share some photos of Berlín de San Ramón, where I went last week. A man is selling 7000 meters in Berlin for $30,000. I may go look at the property to help him sell it. He says it has access to electricity and water and has fantastic views. I am tempted to share the purchase with someone as an investment. Hahaha! First, I need to go see it.

The road down from Berlín to San Mateo looks interesting, and maybe one day we can ride UP it (since a local said there are some steep parts). The views were once again stunning!

Anyhow, that is more than enough for today!! Except that I am happy to be picking up Sahara from Honda SAVA after months of suspension troubles, which I hope are done!

Sahara, Honda CB 500 X


Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado.

December 2, 2021

Yes. Some of us most definitely belong among the wild flowers! Song by Tom Petty, which I have shared before.

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