Home is Where my Honda Is

Yeah. Love your life. Find your fun! 🙂


And here is my new quote for 2019 for my beloved Honda XR 250 Tornado, Storm!:


Stolen from the song:

Gracias a la vida

And, I must admit I find my new boot photos amusing! As they say, a photo says a thousnd words!


7 thoughts on “Home is Where my Honda Is

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  1. Just ran into this place to reply. You are a motorcyclist Suzanne, and I’m looking forward to showing you the few places I know that you don’t. I’m loving this site, Paul Furlong


  2. Awesome!!
    I ride a Honda myself! A Shadow 150cc. I’m a photography entusiast, born and raised in Costa Rica.
    I’m in a Women Riding Club called Lady’s Road but sometimes I ride by myself and its therapy for me.

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  3. Hi Suzanne,

    I’ve just stumbled uppon your blog, it’s great reading material and motivation.
    I too love riding my bike in Costa Rica’s roads. I usually ride with my wife on the pillion seat or with a friend who rides a Honda XRE.

    Keep writing, I love your material and ideas.


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