Yours Truly

Hi there.

I am Suzanne Noel, Honda rider. 🙂

I was born in Colombia, South America, grew up in Mexico, lived 13 years in the USA, and have lived in Costa Rica for 37.5 years and am now a citizen. I love this country, its natural beauty and kind people. And most of all, I love riding its awesome roads! It never ceases to astound me.

I came to Costa Rica in 1985 with the Peace Corps in the Fisheries Program. I was stationed at the South Caribbean coast. I was given a Honda XL 125 as my mode of transportation. Lucky me! My Honda had the power to go uphill on gravel roads with no problem. I loved it. Sadly, when my service ended, so did my motorcycle riding.

Twenty-four years leater, I unexpectedly renewed my motorcycle driving license while renewing my car license. Surprise! Then, I connected with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in years, whose wife had died, and who was a motorcycle rider. He asked me to marry him! And we rode all around Costa Rica together, having fun collecting driftwood, seeds, and shells for my natural art projects. After he died in 2016, I continued riding alone to get through my grief. Soon, I joined Honda Red Riders, and the rest is history! I have lots of riding friends now and spend as much time as possible on the road, living the magic.

Now, my three Hondas are my best friends! I have a Honda XL 200, a Honda XR 250 Tornado; and a Honda CB 500X. Riding has enabled me to truly love being ME and to love my life. 🙂

Storm! My Honda XR 250 Tornado. My second Love.

Riding for me is really all about feeling alive and enjoying life to the fullest. When riding, I feel connected, engaged. I experience a mystical kind of spirituality and a deep sense of belonging. It certainly is a natural high!

For some reason, I have been awarded two honors as an “Exemplary Motorcyclist” in 2021 and 2022. One from the International Motorcyclist Community, and one from the Honda CB 500 Group here in Costa Rica. For doing what I most love to do! What an honor!

This blog is an attempt to share my joy and my adventures riding in beautiful Costa Rica. I hope you enjoy it. It’s purpose is also to help you find routes to ride.

Sahara, my Honda CB 500X, bought August 3, 2020 during the Coronavirus Pandemic. My third love. Hahaha!

I am a Recovery Focusing Coordinator for The International Focusing Institute in New York. I like to write poetry and dab into different styles of art. (Here is my website for some of my art: My hope for myself is that I allow myself to continue creating art of any kind (for at the moment I am a bit blocked). Though I suppose this blog is a type of artistic endeavor.

Anyhow, if you do ride a bike, whatever kind and wherever you ride, I invite you to:

Feel the beauty.

Know the love.

Live the Power.

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