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Hi there.

I am Suzanne Noel, Honda rider. šŸ™‚

I came to Costa Rica in 1985 with the Peace Corps in the Fisheries Program. I was stationed at the South Caribbean coast. I was given a Honda XL 125 as my mode of transportation. Lucky me! My Honda had the power to go uphill on gravel roads with no problem. I loved it. Sadly, when my service ended, so did my motorcycle riding.


Twenty-four years later, out of the blue, I decided to renew my motorcycle license. A month after I renewed it, I re-connected with an old friend, my now-deceased husband, who, yes, bought me a Honda 125 and then a Honda XL 200! We had magical times riding all over the country, especially the last year of his life when we went searching for seeds for my driftwood art and artisan tropical jewelry: Click here – Naturally Beautiful Art.



My Honda is my best friend –she has enabled me to truly love being ME and to love my life. šŸ™‚


Riding for me is really all about feeling alive and enjoying life to the fullest. When riding, I feel connected, engaged. I experience a mystical kind of spirituality and a deep sense of belonging. It certainly is a natural high!


This blog is an attempt to share my joy and some of the fun quotes I have written about my Honda. I hope you enjoy it.


I am a Recovery Focusing Coordinator for The International Focusing Institute in New York. I like to write poetry and dab into different styles of art. My hope for myself is that I allow myself to continue creating art of any kind (for at the moment I am a bit blocked). The Honda quotes and photos are a type of artistic endeavor, I suppose. Just need to invest in a new camera!

Anyhow, if you do ride a bike, whatever kind and wherever you ride, I invite you to:

Feel the beauty.

Know the love.

Live the Power.


Song: Come and get your love.

Route 2
Rt 708




Me with my new bike pants, 5/2018
Ruby getting a bath after an overhaul. May 2018




October 30, 2018


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