Riding in Costa Rica

Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power. 



I have decided to share some photographs of my “Riding in Costa Rica” adventures. Or at least share some of the beauty and fun one can enjoy while riding in this gorgeous, friendly country. Though it is about my own riding adventures or musings, this site can be helpful to those who do not ride — those who simply want to find out more about certain roads and areas, especially their views. Again, in Costa Rica, the journey is often more satisfying than the destination.


Though small, Costa Rica has several micro-climates with different kinds of terrains. As you ride, you literally move from one world to another. In fact, in one day you can traverse several worlds: from cool mountain coffee fields to dry tropical landscapes.

Zurqui volcanoes

Coastlines, mountain roads, small villages, cities — you can visit them all in one day. In fact, on some rides, I have to prepare with changes of clothing, knowing I am going to ride through cold, misty areas into lower, hotter, drier ones. Sometimes it’s “on/off/on/off,” especially with the rain gear! Haha!


I love riding here. It’s never boring. Though, yes, it can be stressful, especially the young motorcycle riders who pass you unexpectedly on the left or right, too close for comfort. One has to be on constant full alert. Plus, the drivers can be aggressive. As most motorcycle riders say, “Get away from them.” I usually let drivers pass me by pulling over as much as I safely can and waving them on. Many of them thank me with a friendly honk.


My favorite day to ride is early Sunday morning, as early as 5:30 a.m. when only the cyclists are out and about. The peace and quiet of the deserted streets, the slanted morning light with it’s sharp shadows, and the solitariness of it all is, is, well, splendid. 🙂 By the time the other riders are heading out, I am on my way home. My average trip is 6-7 hours. Some are longer. I do go out during the week ocasionally. I am finding that many mountain roads have less travel on them in the later morning hours during the week than on Sundays. Interesting. But, I still prefer riding on Sundays. I guess most people do.

Lands In Love Restaurant, Route 702

I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of the experience of riding in Costa Rica and that this inspires you to find your own favorite way to travel.  Moving forward into the horizon, into the unfolding beauty and freshness of it all, is a guaranteed way to make you feel alive and part of this magnificent planet.

Here is my album on some of the Roads of Costa Rica. Riding in Costa Rica is not just about the views, it’s about the beauty of the roads themselves.

Here is the perfect song for Riding in costa Rica: What a wonderful world.

corazon cerrado
“The worst prison is a closed heart.”

If you are a motorcycle rider, and miss your bike, this place rents bikes and also does tours. They have been renting motorcycles for 15 years. I don’t know them personally, but I like the name of their business: Off-Road Costa Rica.

Here are a few other sites, but I don’t know anything about them. I just found the links.

Costa Rica Motorcycle Rental (KTM)

Costa Rica Motorcycle Tours


Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power. 








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