I love it when we’re cruisin’ together.

The word is “breath-taking.”

View of Turrialba Volcano from Santa Teresa

Riding to Turrialba via Pacayas/Santa Cruz on Route 230 is simply one of the most scenic rides in the country (though I am beginning to think they are all scenic!). I highly recommend it — hopefully early in the dry season to really appreciate the views. Santa Cruz is like hobbit land.

Turrialba Volcano. Coming home on Rt 10.
Turrialba Volcano as one is leaving Santa Cruz
Turrialba volcano in the background.

One day, we road up on the incredibly winding road that goes up to the top of the Volcano. Odd landscape up there. I think that one cannot drive up there anymore? The volcano is now active and can often be seen releasing ash.

Hairpin curves, huge views, going up to the top!

Here’s an old photo from 2012.


This is the first Honda I had after 24 years of not riding. Her name was “Zorra,” which I will not translate! Haha! Though it also means “fox,” which I like. This was the first long trip I had taken in a long time, to Turrialba and back. Magic!

Honda 125 named “Zorra” Hahaha!

Yes. What a breath-takng trip this is (when there is no fog!). Amazing. I hope you can take it one day so that you can feel the beauty, know the love.

Song: I love it when we’re cruisin’ together. 

Here are some Facebook albums with more photographs.

Pacayas/Santa Cruz/Turrialba Ride (March 2018).

Turrialba Trip 2015.

Santa Cruz to Siquires 2017

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