Fly like an eagle! The perfect curves of Route 10.

I don’t have many photos to post, nor much to say.

Today, a small group of MotoAmigos went to Turrialba, then Siquirres. This route 10 is one of the best to ride in Costa Rica, with wide curves, a smooth road, and fantastic views. We were lucky to get lovely, blue skies.




Every time I go to Turrialba, I want to live there. Maybe someday…


A few months ago, someone taught me how to get on my bike. Hahahaha! I used to swing my leg from the front and do all sorts of gymnastics to get on! This is why it is good to ride with others every now and then: one learns new things. There is so much more for me to learn. What I really want to be able to do is swing my bike on its peg to turn it. This would save me a lot of trouble in tight spots. I need to practice when someone is around in case I drop it. 😦

We hit a bit of rain on Route 32 on the way home, but not much. Only a half hour or so after going through it, the road is closed due to a landslide. We were lucky!

Nearing home. Montecillos.


My thoughts: Simply TOO BEAUTIFUL! And, I missed my friends Dave Mejía and Humberto Chacon. They seem to take care of me, and I appreciate this.

Song: You’re Beautiful.



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