Tivives Beach, Puntarenas

I went to Tivives Beach today, via route 755.

Route 755

Tivives beach is full of driftwood.



It is basically a road with little houses (with little pools), sandwiched between the beach and the mangroves (like Bajamar).

Mangroves on one side of road.

I enjoyed walking along the beach and collecting small, detail pieces of wood for my driftwood art. (I found three sea beans.)






The road in and out of Tivives is paved.

I saw two gravel roads on the way out, and, while waiting for the road-repair guys to let me go by, I spoke to an old man who said one of them had great views. I hope to take them someday with a friend.

It was lovely to go spend some quiet, solitary time at the beach. The nice thing about riding during the week is that no one else is riding! 🙂 So the roads are pretty much deserted. Perfect!!


Link to Google Map: Playa Tivives.

Thurs. June 13, 2019.


Thurs. September 5, 2019

I returned to Tivives beach, finding a road that goes right up to the bluff.  There are some nice houses along this road. I love my Honda!



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