D- for me on the off road course today! :-)


Ever since I have had Storm! I am quite awkward at turns. Today, this awkwardness put me in an insecure mode, and I totally failed the off road course. Hahaha! Naw, it was not a test. But I certainly was not able to ride while standing and do those curves until the very end. I was happy that I managed to do one trip around the course standing without sitting.

Me, sitting! Argh!

I was so embarrassed, I wanted to leave. But I stayed and practiced until I could do it. It is all so strange. I have been on so many gravel roads in Costa Rica. I guess it was just luck that I was able to ride up and down and all around without having the proper skills.


Felix Franco is a wise, skilled, experienced, patient, and kind teacher. I am grateful to have him as the leader of Honda Red Riders AND as a teacher. He scolded me a bit, con mucho cariño, and with good reason, saying I can do better. 🙂 And I can. Now, it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice!

As he just messaged me via WhatsApp: “Ja ja ja. Miedo escénico, no me lo esperaba de vos🤣.”


I liked that area and will take that road soon to go to Turrucares from La Guacima.


Even if you don’t live the power some days, you can still feel the beauty and know the love! 🙂


Love your life: ride a bike! 🙂

July 14, 2019








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