Grasshoppers! (Guacalillo and Bajamar beaches)


Ooops! Apparently I did not post this on Thursday. Will post now. 🙂

I keep telling myself I am not going to post again on this blog if it is a ride I have already done and posted about — but, here I am posting again about Guacalillo and Bajamar beaches! I guess I just like to have a space to share it all, even if it is not news.

Road to Guacalillo. Smooth gravel.



Today is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. I like to ride on Mother’s Day! 🙂 Hahaha! No surprise there. I went to Guacalillo beach. It was wonderful because no one was there. I felt so at peace. The Red Macaws were there, as well as in Bajamar beach. I hope to remember that in August the beach almond trees have fruit, so the Macaws are there. What a special treat!




Bajamar road


I saw lots of yellow grasshoppers at Bajamar beach, at the end of it. Since they are my power animal of the last two years, I was happy to see them.


I came home through the Bajamar road (which was muddy and the gravel is rougher than the Guacalillo road). Then took the La Ceiba road, which I like, rather than 27.

I have been enjoying my rides like never before, and I think this is because I am sleeping well and because of Storm! I love her power. 🙂 My rides are simply…delicious!! Like spiritual ecstasy.


I love my life!


August 15, 2019

Song: Love Came Here.


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