The volcanoes!!

For much of this Costa Rican summer, I have seen the Irazu and Turrialba volcanoes from my home and longed to go there.

Turrialba (left) and Irazu (right) volcanoes on left side of photo.

I joked that it was torture to see them and not be able to go. On the two planned trips to go, they were clouded over. Yesterday, Tuesday, February 16th, I was FINALLY able to ride over! My friend Robert and I headed out at 6 a.m. to enjoy a fantastic day of awesome weather and awesome views.

Heading up to Irazú Volcano on lovely route 219, which has great views.

We first went up to a side road near the Irazu Volcano National park. From there, one can see the Turrialba volcano. Such a sight!

Then we took route 417 over to the Turrialba volcano. This route is paved with light fine gravel on top.

Coming up to the Turrialba volcano from route 417 is a thrilling experience, no matter how many times one has done it!! It is awesome to behold!

Coming down towards route 230. All curves!! Hahaha!

We decided to come home via El Tejar and get on route 228 through Coralillos to route 209. I had not been on this route for several years. Great views!

Route 228

Yeah. Wow. Another incredible day. I can’t believe I am living such a life…beyond my wildest dreams, as they say. Beauty, happiness, fun, adventure, friendship…etc. Yes. A full and thank full heart I do have.


On Thursday, February 18th, my friends Alex, Jose and I are taking a three-night, four-day trip to the Southern Zone via “inside roads!” Wow! So expect four posts sometime next week. 🙂 (I still want to post my Valentine’s Day ride as well, to save the photos.) Have a great day.

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