Getting back on the horse. (Bajo Caliente to Sardinal.)

Today, my friends Fritz, Robert ,and I had an awesome ride down to Bajo Caliente from San Buenaventura.

After breakfast in Caldera, we went up above Miramar via route 144, which is all paved. The views from San Aventura to the crossing to Bajo Caliente are fantastic.

At the crossing, we hesitated. Neither Robert nor I were in top shape, and the winds were blowing hard. But, we decided to go down.

The road to Bajo Caliente is gravel, but is neither steep nor with tight curves. Drop offs, yes. But overall it is a relatively easy road down to the river. The views are stunning, but I was in too much of a “freeze” state to stop for photos.

Then we took a left towards Aranjuecito.

Going up a rocky curvy hill– unfortunately in 2nd gear– I lost my momentum and dropped my bike -at the very last part!! Grrr. I should have gone up standing. But, as I said, I have been feeling insecure these weeks.

The odd thing is that the fall jolted me out of my insecurities!! Go figure!! I realized my mistakes, and continued on with calm and self confidence for the rest of the route.
It’s not easy for me to publicly share my “failures.” But doing so may help someone else… who may fall on a rocky, curvy road.
Lesson: Learn your lesson, brush yourself off, and know that all is well.

Poor Sahara.😭

This little road has downhill parts that are very rocky, but OK to ride on. It is a picturesque and fun road. One lane, at times canopied by trees, and with many spots with gorgeous views of the mountains or of the Pacific coast. Sweet!

The guys inspecting a dead Boa snake.🤣

We came out at Sardinal, pleased with the lovely route we had just enjoyed, and stopped for ice cream on our way home.

Yeah. Another fun reconnossaince tour in this little, beautiful country, with good friends.


Sunday, December 5, 2021

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