“We’ve got the other 40%” (Fantastic ride through amazing trails of Turrialba.)

Sponsored by Pulpería el Doncito in Eslabón, Turrialba, and led by my friend Fabricio Quiros, a group of us went on a most exciting ride through different terrains of Turrialba on Sunday, August 28, 2022. Get ready because this is a long post.

We did so many routes and trails that it is impossible to detail our fantastic adventures. We went through cane fields, coffee fields, rode up various gravel and dirt mountain roads, went to Las Mesas, San Martín, the Congo, Tucurrique, Calle Chucuyo above Pejiballe, Atirro, “Entre San Juanes,” and, well, just everywhere and all around! It was truly intense and incredibly FUN!

After breakfast at La Posada de La Luna, we started on a route from Cervantes down to Las Mesas/Las Mesitas on a narrow, one-lane, dirt road which had amazing views.

I admit that I got stressed hitting the ditches across the road because my shift lever had dislodged the day before. So, unfortunately, I started out feeling nervous. 😦

Feeling insecure, on, tight, rocky, uphill curve, I stopped…and proceeded to drop Sahara! Yes. Classic stop and drop. 🙂

I also stopped further up to let the people in front get ahead, and dropped her again as I took off on the rocky terrain! LOL Poor baby!

Oh well. “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.”

AND, I proceeded to stop yet again on another curve! LOL My friend Adrian said, “I got you” as I got ready to head up. I said, “I am at 60% today.” To which he replied, “Don’t worry. We’ve got the other 40%.” What a perfect thing to say! Thank you, my dear friend! This shifted things inside. When we are not at our best, team support can help us carry on with more confidence until we get our Mojo back.

The road to Naranjo is mostly a grassy, rocky trail.

To get to Naranjo, we had to cross three small rivers. I did not even attempt to cross with Sahara, for she is too heavy for me, and so my friend Fabricio crossed her. 🙂

After Naranjo, we road up above San Martín. I can’t recall what is what, but I know we did lots of dirt and cane trails. It was so much fun!

I was delighted to finally ride down El Congo, a winding trail down to the machines of the Cachí Dam. I have seen it many times riding route 225 to Orosi.

My friend Adrian Acuna keeping me company on the Congo while the rest of the team took a different trail up to a viewpoint.

Here’s a fun video of part of the trail

These photos may not be in order! Hahaha! But, you get the feel of it, I’m sure.

A favorite part (besides riding through cane fields) was riding through coffee fields. FABULOUS!!

This coffee trail had a rocky downhill part and other parts that were a bit technical. And delightful!

This whole group took care of the whole group in such a gentlemanly fashion. I was duly impressed. Quality folks! A great team. I got the rest of my 40% back half-way through the trip, thank the powers that be.

Though part of the road from San Juan Sur to San Juan Norte has been paved, it was still lovely to ride from La Florencia through dirt trails between cane fields to this area (which has great views.)

After snacks at Pulpería El Doncito, happy and satisfied, we then took another road to Verbena, where we had a late lunch at Las Rosas de Don Luis Restaurant on route 230. Delicious food. A relaxing closing of an intense and adventurous ride full of wonderful trails and views.

We headed home in pouring rains! 🙂 The streets of Turrialba were like rivers.

Thanks again to Fabricio, Pulpería el Doncito, and Adrian, for this adventure-packed, 14-hour day! Wow!

Fabricio with his new Honda CB 500X, Kendra.

Livng the dream.


Special thanks to Jessie for her excellent photos and videos, and to everyone else from whom I may have borrowed a photo or two.

Wikiloc: Most of the trail, Cervantez, Las Mesas, Congo, etc.

Wikiloc La Suiza to Verbena on an inside route.

Here’s another gift of the road, this beauty!

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  1. Amazing, I loved all details and description of the geography, the route was certainly difficult but fun, every challenge encourage ourselves to go beyond our limits and I loved that. The rain was part of the adventure too


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