Whole lot of shakin’ going on. (Bajo Caliente to Sardinal)

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, my friends Robert, Mathieu, Cristian and I had an intense morning ride to Bajo Caliente and over to Sardinal.

The road down to Bajo Caliente is a relatively easy descent on gravel, yet also a bit thrilling due to the winds and drop offs on the side.

At Bajo Caliente, we went left towards Aranjuecito.

The road has many rocky parts, and is challenging. It goes up and down. The first time we did this route, I dropped Sahara. I was grateful that this time I did not.

The last long downhill section was quite intimidating, with big loose rocks. Phew!! Not easy!! But after that, it was OK again.

We stopped for refreshments at Rancho Macho. Nice views along the way and there.

We rode home through the cane fields of 604, then through La Ceiba to Orotina, and up to Cerro Chompipe. Here is a video that Mathieu took of me riding through the cane fields. 🙂

There is an incredible view point at Vista Mar on Cerro Chompipe on the way with an awesome view. I like to stop there each time because soon it will be inaccessible. How lucky the owner of that property is!! Must be a millionaire.

Our team member, Mathieu, is leaving Costa Rica soon. I was glad to see him and ride with him again. He has done some of our most intense rides with us (like Polka and San Francisco de Leon Cortez). He finished with one that was also “emotional.” 🙂

This route from Bajo Caliente to Sardinal is one route I may not do again. That last part was too rocky, steep, and risky. BUT, I had lots of fun, nevertheless! Rockin and Rollin’!


March 5, 2023

Song: I said shake, baby, shake it.

Wikiloc: Bajo Caliente a Sardinal

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