Calle Cuipilapa and Bahía Salinas


Today I came to Salinas Bay because tomorrow I start a three – night tour to Nicaragua for Go Ride Moto. I am meeting the clients Christian and Bernd in La Cruz in the morning, so it made more sense to come on my own the night before.

On my way, I decided to do a loop to ride Calle Cuipilapa, which I had done once in the foggy rain with my riding buddy, Robert. It connects Route 6 to Route 164, both lovely, well-paved routes.

I loved riding between the Tenorio and Miravalles Volcanoes on this clear morning.

Calle Cuipilapa is paved with lots of pot holes in the first part. It goes up and up with only one hairpin curve. The descent is gentle.

It is so enjoyable to feel as if one is in the middle of nowhere. Such peace!!

Cuipilapa church.

After that I headed to Liberia for a drink before taking another detour to Cuajiniquil.

After pausing at the viewpoint, I rode in to Junquillal Beach. Nice!

After settling into my room at Bahía Salinas, I walked down to Papaturro Beach. I spent a few hours resting in 7th Heaven with the egrets, the herons, and the Frigates.

Nicaragua across the bay.

Happy that they installed AC at Blue Dream Hotel, I am writing this from my phone. I probably won’t post about Nicaragua till after I return since I can’t create slideshows on it.

I am feeling totally awed that I have such a marvelous life, thanks to


Friday, March 17th, 2023 🍀

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