Put de lime in da coconut. (Fun time with Honda Red Riders!)

On Sunday, March 26, I went for a ride with Honda Red Riders. It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!!

I got to see my friends, Felix, Danny, Oscar, Luis, and Eric, to meet new people — and to ride at a fun speeed through some lovely terrains.

Zetillal with Barva Volcano

I was delighted when Felix took us through Zetillal and Calle Chagüite, one of my favorite little routes in that area, which ends up at the little neighborhood of Chahüites. Yay!! I have stopped many times there to take photos of Poás and Barva volcanoes.

We had breakfast at El Fogón de Méche, then headed down to San Miguel de Sarapiquí, stopping at a viewpoint along the way.

My dearest friend, Felix.
San Miguel de Sarapiquí

Here is a Youtube video of this Sarapiquí part.

The very BEST of this ride was seeing my friend and Sensei, Felix Franco, for we inevitably fall into laughing together. 🙂 There is nothing more healing and enlivening than laughter. Again, it was just what I needed to alleviate my sense of “Fold/Collapse” that I have felt since the accident with Storm (and working a new relationship-oriented 12 Step Program).

The worst was being asked if I had ever heard of counter-steering. I should have replied that he must curve pretty well, “for a man.”

Danny and Eric above had witnessed me freeze at having to cross an 8 inch rise on the asphalt. Hahahaha! I am totally baffled about how this happened. I have traversed the most challening rocky roads on Sahara and Storm, and here my body went into freeze! With witnesses! Freeze responses make no rational sense whatsoever sometimes! (Though I know I have dropped Sahara in the most unexpected situations.) I was secretly ashamed for hours!! 🙂 But, I know that it’s the Amygdala gland, doing what it does for whatever reason (and also understand I have been emotionally vulnerable lately, so perhaps this was the actual underlying cause). How terribly embarassing. Ugh. But, I survived my shame! 🙂

One of the most exciting parts of our trip was being led through route 32 by two transit police that are friends of Felix. It as such a thrill! I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been raining so hard. With my Motoz, I tend to stress on wet asphalt.

As Felix said to me, they opened the way for us as if we were diplomats or movie stars. Hahaha! So much FUN!

Mission accomplished!!!

Fortunately, the rains stopped once past the Zurquí tunnel and closer to the city. We parted ways at Honda SAVA, and I rode home feeling happy, content, and oh so grateful for having Felix and Sahara in my life!

Yeah. Studies show that a healthy nervous system will be in the states of Flow, Flock, and Fun/Fired up, opposite experiences from the trauma reactions of fight/flight/freeze/fold/fawn. I am so grateful that riding, especially with good friends (Flocking), takes me directly to FUN and FLOW! Yay!! WIND THERAPY for sure!


Date of ride: Sunday, March 26, 2023

Song: Put de lime in da coconut.

She put de lime in de coconut, she drank ’em bot’ up
And put de lime in de coconut, she called de doctor, woke ‘im up

Said, “Doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take?”
I said, “Doctor, to relieve this bellyache”

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