I jokingly call it “Jurrassic Park,” the trip from Vara Blanca to San Miguel (Route 126). The cliffs are from another time. Truly spectacular.

Rt 126

Along this road is La Paz Waterfall, and a cute little shack restaurant where you can see all kinds of birds (and another waterfall).


The road was paved after the Cinchona earthquake of 2009, and repaved again recently. It is in great shape. Quite curvy. Gorgeous!

Rt 140 – Costa Rica

Here are more photos:

Vara Blanca/San Miguel/Quesada/Zarcero. (June 2017)

Come Rain or Come Shine (Nov 2017)

Though the trip in this album was to Sarapiqui, I include it for most of the trip is on Route 126. Once down in Sarapiqui, the road is straight and flat (continuing right on 126 to Rt 4): Sarapiqui Facebook Album.


Here is the Google Map for Jurassic Park (126) and other roads leading out from San Miguel.

Song: The long and winding road (Beatles)

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