Sometimes you just need a Honda Perspective


Heading out 708

The first time I went up Route 708 to go over the top then down to Bajos del Toro, I felt like I had entered another century in Indonesia. 🙂 The top and back of all the volcanoes was stunning. Surreal almost. It was a feeling I will never forget.



The steep road down from the top to Bajos del Toro stresses me out, but another rider might find it to be fun. I went up recently with Honda Red Riders, and we took another route that was not quite as steep.

Below you can see the town “Bajos del Toro” – STEEP trip!

I like going over to Aguas Zarcas over to the hotsprings there, Termales del Bosque! :-Here is a picture of Platanar volcano from the road that goes to these hotsprings.



Yes, after a long ride, enjoy the hotsprings!

Here’s a Facebook album of a 2015 trip with a few pictures of Bajos del Toro town. 

When I went on this trip with Honda Red Riders, we took a different road up. I can’t wait to take this trip up again by myself to stop and take pictures. But I don’t think I will go down to Bajos. I will loop back down and explore other roads on this mountain.

Going to Bajos with Honda Red Riders

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.


Song: You are so beautiful. To me.




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