The best thing about riding a motorcycle is you can go almost anywhere and enjoy it to the fullest! In Costa Rica, that saying that it is all about the journey, not the destination is most true.  And, no matter how many times you have taken a certain route, the ride is exhilirating because of the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Stunning!

Barva Volcano as seen from Poasito

This is a loop I do quite often, going from Carrizal to Vara Blanca (Route 126), to Poasito (R120), and coming back through Fraijanes/San Isidro (R712 to Calle Nueva, to 125). It’s gorgeous! With amazing views of Poas Volcano as you are going. Or, if coming, of Barva volcano. 🙂 (Map link below.)


I highly recommend this refreshing, cool LOOP (Pics from Facebook).

Route 126

Yes, it’s a magical trip. Fact is, however, that they are all magical! 🙂


In this Facebook album, you can see some more pictures of this area (plus a few from the coast): Making God Laugh.


Song: I’ll take you there.

Google Maps of Rt 126 – 120 – 710 – Calle Nueva – 125. Enjoy!

Hugs and love to all.



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