“There is life beyond Honda.”


Side road heading up Calle Matamorros

Today, I rode up Calle Matamorros (Sarchi) to Alto Palomo restaurant for breakfast, then back down Route 708. It was a quick and interesting trip, and I enjoyed seeing route 708 from the coming-down-it perspective. I like to ride roads  in both directions to see the views from different angles. Unless, they are gravel! Then, I prefer to choose the side that rides up more rather than down. 🙂 Live the power!

Going up Calle Matamorros
View, Calle Matamorros
Coming down 708

On the way back home, a friend and her husband called. They said they had read my “Riding in Costa Rica” blog and wanted to come visit me. She said that reading my blog made her want to go on a ride. Haha! That’s how I feel writing it — overwhelming craving to be on the road again.

Konrad, Jacquie’s  husband, used to be a motocross rider for Honda Costa Rica. He said to me, “There is life beyond Honda, you know.” Hahaha! Indeed there is!


I rode today on a Formula Nano 200 which my mechanic lent me so that I would not be without a bike while he fixed my beloved Honda. He knows how much I like to ride. My nickname for the Nano is “Roadrunner.” It’s Nano, alright. But it has decent power to go up the mountains, handles well, and has a big sounding engine. Konrad said that any motorcycle is a good motorcycle. All that matters is to ride. He’s been riding since he was 11-years old.

But that quote of mine from when I first rode the Nano came up for me: “It’s not just about riding. It’s about riding a Honda.” Hahaha! Just kidding! I agree with Konrad. Riding is riding, and it is all good. Just have to know the love.

Jacquie and I with the Nano 200.

So, yes, there is life beyond Honda. 🙂 But, boy I can’t wait to have my Honda XL back!

Montecillos road on the way to “Las Chorreras,” Heredia

Konrad, Jacquie, and I rode from my house in San Jose de la Montaña, Heredia, through Montecillos, Las Chorreras, San Rafael, San Isidro de Heredia, to Bromeliads del Rio restaurant. Me, leading in front with the little Nano; they following on his gorgeous KTM Adventure 1050. 🙂 Hahaha! Pretty hilarious!

Find your fun!

Me on the Nano with those lemony-scented coffee flowers on the right. Aromatherapy!

For a few more pictures of Alto Palomo area, click here for my Facebook Album, “There’s life beyond Honda” said a friend.

Konrad Stark’s KTM Adventure 1050

Konrad recommended a Honda Tornado 250 for me, which is EXACTLY the bike I have had in mind as an upgrade.


Here is a photo of a Honda Tornado 250. What do you think?  Looks like my XL 200, but has more power. I like the small tanks. Personally, I don’t like the new style of bikes with the huge front.


Song for the day: I love it when we’re cruisin’ together. 🙂

KTM Adventure 1050, Honda XL 200, or Formula Nano 200. On any bike, you can 

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power. Especially in Costa Rica!

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