On January 2017, I decided to go over Route 27 to Escobal (and Atenas) on Rt#707. I was surprised to find that cars do use this unpaved road. It seems like one is in the middle of nowhere, in Old Costa Rica. The views are gorgeous. My wanting to own a piece of property “right here” got triggered! Haha! This happens to me regularly on my rides.

Here is the Facebook link CROSSING OVER from that first time. I have since returned to this road a couple of times.

This old bridge was built in 1924, and rebuilt in 1928 (I wonder why) over Rio Tarcoles, between San Pablo de Turrubares and Escobal de Alajuela. You can’t see it in the picture, but at the end of this bridge you go up a rock. I would not want to come down this rock when it is raining.

In April of 2018, I crossed over it once again and decided to take a picture of my Honda on it. This is the ride during which I came up with the quote “Home is where my Honda is.” 🙂 Here is the photo of that.

Image may contain: motorcycle and outdoor
Crossing Tarcoles River, rt 707, between San Pablo, Turrubares, and Escobal, Atenas.

This road feels strange to me. I am not sure why. It’s pretty wild. There are no buildings along this road. The stinging Mucuna pruriens pods grow here, on vines. It runs along a ridge, from which you can see across to Highway 27, down to where they are building a dam. At one point you can choose to get on Rt 27, or continue forward through Escobal to Atenas. As I said, this winding gravel road has lovely views and comes out at Los Guacimos (and Kay’s Restaurant).

Yes. Feel the beauty. Know the love. Feel the power. 🙂

Here is the Google maps location of it: Route 707, Costa Rica:  https://www.google.com/maps/@9.9506209,-84.4015034,12.92z


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