Flying With the Wind (Palmares Rt 135)

The ride from Atenas to Palmares on Rt 135 is lovely. Lots of curves. Quaint towns. Cute!


Here is a Facebook album on this ride: Palmares-Caldera, Flying like and with the wind.

It’s also interesting to go to Zaragoza de Palmares and UP to Berlin de San Ramon on Rt. 714, which is paved (and head down to San Ramon on Rt 713, which has great views!). The road up is steep. (Or go from San Ramon up to Berlin then down to Zaragoza.

(One can go from Berlin straight through on route 713  to Route 3 and come out near the Casita de Cafe restaurant.)

Zaragoza Church

Here is another ride with my friend Ron Molvat from Zarcero to San Ramon down to Zaragoza: Back to the ridge, Rt 703.

This ridge from Zarcero to San Ramon has great views on both sides. Though it can get foggy.


The ride from Naranjo to Palmares is also enjoyable, but I don’t have photos. So much beauty to be seen in Costa Rica!

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the Power.

Song: Call me the breeze by JJ Cale. 

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