Falling Into Your Heart (Route 218)

May 23, 2018. Well, sometimes you just have to say “Screw my plans for the morning,” and go for a ride! šŸ™‚

The morning was clear as IĀ  headed out toward the pool in San Isidro de Heredia (Lomas del Zurqui) instead of my new pool that is closer to home. When I saw that Turrialba volcano was active, I was overtaken by an intense desire to go for another ride today, even though I had just been on one yesterday.

This is not a good picture, but you can see the volcano smoking, and the mountain which would soon be holding yours truly and all her deep joy. šŸ™‚

Turrialba Volcano smoking

After a few minutes, I could no longer resist the pull of my heart. Off I went, up to the hills above San Jeronimo again, headed over to Coronado and Route 218 to Rancho Redondo. I loved it!

View from Calle Mendez

Before heading up, I took a detour to the left on Calle Mendez. I cannot adequately describe the feeling of serenity that whole area has. Might as well relish it while I can before the developers purchase it!



Foothills. Irazu volcano is on the other side of these.
Zurqui mountains



Route 218
Zurqui mountains from way up Rancho Redondo


Sometimes you just have to let yourself fall into your heart. šŸ™‚

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the Power.

Song for this incredibly beautiful part of the country: You are so beautiful…to me.

Facebook album with more photos: Falling Into My Heart.

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  1. My apologies, but many pictures were left out on the post that went out in an email. šŸ˜¦ To see more photos, come back to Riding in Costa Rica site or go to my facebook album.


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