Choose Your Destiny

In the rainy season, it’s tough to choose a riding destination.
Just like in life, it is often not clear which is the best path, the one which will bring the best weather, the widest views, the most satisfaction. A ride through the fog can be nothing more than a ride through the fog. 🙂 OK, but not spectacular. I go for rides to make my day bigger. You have to be a rider to understand what I mean. So choosing where to go is a weekly challenge for me.
Sometimes I head into clouds, having seen a glimmer of light in the distance, and am overjoyed when I break through to blue skies. This is the best!
Other times, the rains and fog continue for longer than I would like, which is fine as long as I am warm enough. If not, I turn around and head in a different direction. After all, I am free. Free to choose my destiny. 🙂 As in life.
(I now layer as much as I can when heading into areas where I know it might be cold. Obvious thing to do, but there were times when I did not think of it.)
I sometimes head into the rain, simply because I want to go to a certain destination, for whatever reason (to soak in the hotsprings or look for seabeans, for example). Having accepted I am going into the rain, I enjoy it.

Most often, I simply make an arbitrary decision to head where I believe there will be less rain (or later rains), especially if there is a chance of exploring a new road.

As I am heading into my second-choice destination, if I see that the skies are clear over my preferred direction, I may feel a twinge of regret. “Damn. I could have gone that way” I think– and feel a little sinking feeling.

But when riding in Costa Rica, “Could-have-beens” are soon replaced by the wonder and joy of “what is.”
There are no regrets when you are riding in Costa Rica.
Expansive vistas, nice people, interesting roads all await your passing visit, regardless of where you are. Regardless of the weather.
 Only once have I wished I had quit while I was ahead. (Or, come to think about it, on my Tapanti trip I wish I had not even gone! Hahaha!)
 But even in these cases, there was much joy in the pure love of it and pleasure in the beauty somewhere along the way.
In the rainy season, it is wisest to leave as early as possible, before the rains start. I tend to leave at 5:30/5:45 a.m. Then, I get several hours of riding in clear weather.
Of course, the best season is the dry season, especially the first days when the skies are so clear you can see all the volcanoes in all directions. Gorgeous! The morning light is bright and sharp. I just love that morning or late-afternoon light! Especially if it is accompanied by the rich scent of aromatic flowers in summer bloom!
And, finally, in the rainy season, I  ride West more than I would like, because that is where it stays drier longer. Fortunately, the ride through the “Aguacate” or from Puriscal to Orotina, is always enjoyable. Though it is true that it’s never as good as the first time,  it’s ALWAYS good. Re-visiting beloved roads still brings that intense feeling of opening up to splendor.
Yeah. Riding in Costa Rica: No regrets. 🙂
Here is the song of the theme: I’m gonna love you, come rain or come shine. Enjoy!
The more I ride in Costa Rica, the more I love Costa Rica!
Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power. 

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