Unexpected Plan B (Atenas/Esparza/Palmares/Tacares)

Don’t you love it when in mid-ride you find yourself in an unexpected Plan B that turns out perfect?

Having taken a new road this morning, I ended up headed into Alajuela. 🙂 So, I decided to just head over to La Garita – Atenas – Esparza. This is one of my favorite rides, as you probably know by now. It’s a part of the country that is most dry during the rainy season.

SMOOTH! And easy.

First I took a detour onto Calle Barroeta because I love to take in the views up there.


Great views from Calle Barroeta

The breakfast at Casita del Cafe on Rt 3 is good. I recommend it. I usually stop to recharge my cell phone and enjoy the view while I eat.

Green Season – Casita del Cafe – Rt 3
The old watchman at Casita del Cafe said he would ride with me one day from here to Berlin and gave me his phone number. Sweet! I will take him up on his offer one of these days.

Rt 3 is a curvy road with close mountain views of cattle grazing land.  It is nice because it is not developed. It makes you feel good to ride it. 🙂

I found a bridge I like just before entering Esparza, with nice views from it.


View from Bridge at Esparza

From Esparza, I took Rt 1 home (Cambronero) and enjoyed it tremendously. I was the only one going into the Central Valley it seems. This road is lush and undeveloped in its lower part. I like it. It did have several wash outs — at least five — with workmen controlling traffic flow as they fix them. The views at the top are lovely. How I love to stop for photos to take it all in.



From Rt 1, I headed into Palmares and took Rt 135 to Atenas, then Rt 716 through Santa Eulalia. (I have another blog post on Palmares.) Both of these roads are quite curvy and picturesque. Santa Eulalia can be intimidating because of its hairpin, downhill curves.

I love the little houses in La Argentina (Rt.712 to Tacares).


Anyhow, from Tacares I rode another hour before I met some friends for lunch, after 6 hours of riding. But I am too tired to write anything else! 🙂

I would do this again: La Garita – Atenas – Esparza – Palmares – Santa Eulalia – Tacares – Alajuela (or go up to the upper mountain roads). Mostly CURVY!

Song: Smooth by Santana

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.



June 10, 2018


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