Freedom (Rt 126 to Rt 130 to Grecia)

This morning, on my way to the pool, it felt like “The Little Summer of St. John” (This is a short break in the rainy season, usually at the end of June.) The cool winds and the crisp freshness in the air made the light look brighter. Yes, like summer.

So I decided to go to my 12 Step group in Grecia, mostly because I needed a ride to get away from my neighborhood, where they are cutting down 39 Cypress trees.

I love the upper mountain roads from my house to Carrizal, then over to San Isidro de Alajuela, Sabanilla, San Pedro de Poas, and finally over to Grecia.

Poas volcanao from Pavas de Alajuela

These roads have lovely views of Poas volcano going and Barva coming back. Hardly any cars drive on them. They have been repaved so the ride is smooth and easy, lots fo fun. I went and came back on them, feeling the joy of riding in such beauty, again — with no rain. 🙂

Rt 130 between San Pedro de Poas and Sabanilla


Getting away from our troubles to find the spaces that soothe our troubled souls is the kind of  freedom one has with a bike. It’s easy to get away, and getting away in Costa Rica is truly “liberating.”


Calle Nueva, between San Isidro de Alajuela and Pavas de Alajuela.                                                   


Rt 126 Between Carrizal and Barva (Photo taken another day)

Yes, even short rides let us FEEL THE BEAUTY. 

Song: Free Falling 

Google Map link of Rt 130.

Friday, June 8, 2018. San Jose de la Montaña, Heredia

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