The sweetest ride! (Hojancha/Carrillo)

La Amistad Bridge

For some reason, the ride from Puntarenas to the turn off to Hojancha is usually a solitary ride for me, which I of course love! I just wonder why there is so little traffic on it at certain times. What I most love is the hundreds and hundreds of trees, hugging the road! This part of Route 1 is a tree lovers paradise! (I did not stop to take photos, however — I was in a hurry, and there are no shoulders.)

Route 18 to La Amistad Bridge is also usually deserted. Must be that I like to travel on the off season and on weekdays.

The road from Hojancha to Carrillo is a sweet ride.


Part of it is white, easy gravel, but the rest is paved.


Wild, and undeveloped with views of mountains and some new teak farms, it is an easy, pleasant ride.  SWEET!


Great road once past the gravel. This is a new Teak tree farm on the left.

The best is that it comes out at Playa Carrillo. 🙂



Yes, I bought leather saddle bags for my Honda. 🙂

Speaking of a sweet ride reminds me of the song, “The love I lost was a sweet love.” 🙂

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the love. Live the power.




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