Somewhere down that crazy river. (Coming home on Rt 34, “Costanera.”)

Baru River, Dominical

Well, had it been another season, I would have come home from Ojochal either through Rt 2 (Mountain of Death) or Rt 239 (Parrita/Puriscal). But because of all the rains and landslides these last days, I decided not to risk it, and came home the same way I came, on Rt 34. But, I still had a lot of fun. 🙂

This photo below is a detour I took just to take a photo of these mountains near Parrita (on right coming home).



I said in yesterday’s post, it’s an easy, fast road. You will cross many rivers, see many African Palm plantations, and those adorable houses I love so much!




I love pausing to check out the rivers and other sites which we normally zip by as we ride.


If you’ve seen one river, have you seen them all? 🙂 No. Each one is unique, though some do look quite similar.


I decided to take a detour to Esterillos Oeste, since I have never been there. It is more developed that Esterillos Este.


Beach, Esterillos Oeste

I even stopped by the “Jaco” tourist sign! Hahaha! 🙂



Pelicans in cove.

And, yes, I decided to take the longer way home via Rt 3 and had lunch at La Casita de Cafe, of which you have seen hundreds of photos! Hahaha! Nevertheless, the view is always gorgeous and serene. Love it!


Song: Going down that crazy river! 🙂

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power!




2 thoughts on “Somewhere down that crazy river. (Coming home on Rt 34, “Costanera.”)

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  1. I noticed that the more you ride, farter are your trips! I really enjoyed this one, I hope some day will take that route 34.

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  2. Actually, I have taken some really long trips in the past as well. Like Route 415 from Turrialba to La Herediana and back home. That one was 10 hours. 🙂 I hope some day you take Route 34 as well. 🙂


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