Blowin’ down the road (Trip to Ojochal, South Pacific – Rt 34)

The road down to the South Pacific is an easy, fast (hot) ride. The highway is in good shape.

Rt 34 to South Pacific

Today (July 17, 2018) I intended to go spend the night at Esterillos Este, but ended up going all the way to Ojochal. I stopped a couple times for photos at Playa Galardonada and Play Hermosa.

Playa Galardonada, before Jaco


I love stopping for photos because it helps me take all the beauty and quiet in. A pause to appreciate the spaces which I move through while riding.

Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa
First Entrance to Esterillos Este

At Playa Esterillos Este, I stopped for lunch at the colorful hotel/restaurant Alma del Pacifico.


Beach in front of Alma del Pacifico Hotel, Esterillos Este

The last few times I have been down past Quepos, I have seen Water buffalo hauling carts. Today I saw four on their way back from unloading.


You will cross many rivers.
Lots of (rice?) fields on the way, along with African Palm plantations.


Fast highway riding wears me out more than mountain riding. But I simply love the lushness of the South Pacific. I hope to go to Playa Tortuga in the morning before heading back.

But now I can chill at the pool and in my little cabin at Villas Gaia, which thankfully are letting me stay here for only $50. 🙂 Costa Rica is getting too expensive to travel, sadly.

My little cabin. 🙂

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty! Know the love. Live the power. 

Song: Call me the Breeze.





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