Groovin’…on a Sunday afternoon. (Back to Rt 137)

I felt frustrated this morning because I am longing to ride on new roads. It’s like an urgent need! (Hahaha!) But I knew I have to take care of my ribs, and so I decided to take an easy route: the Puriscal/Orotina – San Mateo/Atenas loop.

View Rt 137

Despite having ridden this countless times, I had a wonderful time! Yay!

The gorgeous morning light, the wood-smoke, the big views, and all the beauty just fill me with such delight! I felt so at peace. Then, I also had fun. 🙂 The road is smooth and easy, which is why I took it. Lovely!

Castle road

I turned off into what I call “The Castle Road” and took pictures of the new statues the artist there has made. I love the views from there. In fact, I really wish I could buy property there and live there. Though I do not want to build a home, I may just have to, should I find a piece there when I sell my house! Oh how ready am I to sell my house!!

Art by Ceci at Castle house, Grifo Alto
I would LOVE to have my home RIGHT HERE!! That is the ocean towards the right!

I stopped by El Higueron restaurant for breakfast and was so happy that a flock of toucans came by to the nearby trees. Yay!


Now I know why the have a toucan on their sign.


Higueron Restaurant

And, yes, I once again stopped at La Casita de Cafe on the way home (on Rt 3 between San Mateo and Atenas). I saw a guy there with an Africa Twin bike. He said I had a good bike because I could go places on it that he could not go on with his. Hahahaha! Nice guy. 🙂


Blurry photo take by the watchman, Luis, my friend.

Yeah. Great morning! I’m delighted to be back on my Honda again! Loving life!

Song: Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon..

FEEL the beauty. KNOW the love. LIVE the power.


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