Feel the magic. (Poas Volcano)

Yes, today is Mothers Day in Costa Rica.

I decided I HAD to go for a ride because the day was too gorgeous of a day not to.
Where to go?
Well, I had the brilliant idea to go up to Poas volcano. I loved it! 

View of Barva Volcano as I was heading up to Poas, Rt 120.

I hadn’t been up that road for a long time, even though I do the Carrizal/Vara Blanca/Poasito loop quite often. 

Side view from Restaurante El Mirador de Poas

The views were so wonderful. At the restaurant, they were HUGE. One can see the entire central valley and all the distant volcanoes and mountain ranges. But I won’t post a photo because they can’t capture the true beauty of it.

I felt the magic again. Yay!

(So yes, I have my new slogan now! “Feel the magic!” :-))

August 15, 2018

I will go up and eat there more often. I think I stopped going up there to eat cause often places are not open as early as I am! 🙂

(Where I was, Poas, as seen from road back home.) Rt. 126


Song: What a day for a daydream. 🙂 


And last Sunday I went to Caldera, on the Pacific coast. I just did not write a blog post about it. But here’s a photo, for the record.

Image may contain: ocean, water, outdoor and nature
Caldera, Sunday, August 12, 2018


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