Day Trip with a Harley Rider

Hey! There’s a man from one of my Facebook motorcycle groups who also rides on Thursdays! (I try to ride every Thursday and Sunday — if life is good to me.)

We took a nice, peaceful ride around my usual loop today: Atenas-Orotina-Puriscal. I took him to a side road that I love, and we sat for a while enjoying the peace and the beauty — and talking. If one is going to have a riding companion, one needs to get along with him or her! Hahaha! We get along well. Happy about that.

It was fun to share a ride with someone. It’s like watching a beautiful sunset. One loves it, but it is so much more satisfying to share it with another. So. I love riding alone. But it sure is nice to have a buddy every now and then. It makes for a different kind of fun … a shared fun. And certainly eating with someone is better than eating alone.

The best for me was that when I shared that sometimes I feel insecure, he said, “When I feel insecure, I go home and drive my car.” I was relieved to know that even a long-time rider (and man) can sometimes feel insecure on a bike. I thought it was just me. 🙂 (I do notice how much better everything is when I sleep well, especially my riding.)

Ronald rides a Harley. Months ago I was thinking that my Honda slogan works well with Harleys as well: “Home is where my Harley is.” 🙂 Hahahha!

I hope we can ride together every now and then. Maybe having riding buddies will open up new vistas for me — meaning, I can go on new routes that I don’t know yet, but maybe they do!


AND…on a different note: Here is a photo of my ride to Alajuela yesterday to get some papers from the registry.  It is an example of why I love riding in Costa Rica. So much beauty! Even on short rides. 🙂

Image may contain: mountain, sky, tree, grass, cloud, outdoor and nature

Oh yeah! Last but not least, I recently found this photo of me a few years ago, on that edge from which I like to take pictures.


So, yeah. I’m glad to be making new friends and hoping to make even more riding buddies!

Song: You’ve got a friend.

August 30, 2018

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love.

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