Murals, Graffiti, and Painted Rocks.

Yep. You will see lots of painted murals, some interesting graffiti, and perhaps some religious rocks when you ride in Costa Rica. As I have said, it’s never boring! 🙂

Alajuela, Road to Poas (N712)
Segment of mural on long wall in La Garita.

Some of the murals are worth stopping for, to study them and take them in, for they tell stories that are relevant to Cosa Rica, like the one in La Garita, depicted above and below.

Segment Mural in La Garita
Segment Mural La Garita

I won’t add all the segments of this long mural, but I do suggest you stop to look at it one day.

Wall mural in Tilaran
Mural in Tilaran
Sugar Cane and Strawberries. Alajuela.

Most murals depict typical Costa Rican scenes.

Mural nearing La Garita from Atenas


A lot of schools have murals (and even mossaics are becoming popular).

School, Punta Islita, Nicoya
School, Carrizal, Alajuela

Here is a mural on a police station in San Isidro de Alajuela.

Police Station, San Isidro de Alajuela

I appreciate the fact that most graffiti artists respect murals and let them be.  There are some excellent graffiti artists here as well. Since I have decided to post these photos, I will now keep adding to this post as I find them.

Cool graffiti in Cartago
San Ramon
Bus stop at Jaco viewpoint.

And you will most likely see some painted rocks.

Jesus Rocks! 🙂
Religious painted rocks Rt 226
Welcome to Santa Ana

OR..painted tires! Hahaha!


And there are many painted buses!

Bus, Carrizal-Alajuela

I even painted my own wall with friends in 2012. It was a new retaining wall I had built after the old one collapsed during the rainy season. We had lots of fun painting my “Friendship Wall.” But sadly I had to paint over it after only one rainy season because it got moldy. How do murals stay OK for so long?

Suzanne’s Friendship Wall 🙂
My Friendship Wall

It’s as if all murals are friendship walls, seeking to carry a special message to the viewer. 🙂

Enjoy the murals, graffiti, and painted rocks of Costa Rica!

Song: Starry Starry Night.

However, if you are in a happy mood, and like the painted rocks, here is this song: Loves me like a rock! 🙂

Riding in Costa Rica. Know the love.

I think I am going to enjoy collecting more photos of murals while on my rides. Send your photos, and I will add them here. 🙂

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