Wild thing, you make my heart sing. (Ostional and Playa Pelada.)

Wow.  How is it possible for a person to feel such intense happiness? 🙂 Must be all the oxygen in the air from all the wild and gorgeous plant life in this area.

Hammock bridge. Easy to cross on a bike.

I went to Playa Ostional and Playa Pelada this morning. I absolutely LOVE riding the roads of Nicoya!

Road to Ostional


Playa Pelada
Playa Pelada

I sank into the peace of beach combing for small pieces of driftwood at Playa Pelada. I was all alone and loved it!


There was a lot of loose, small-rock gravel on the road to Ostional, but I relaxed into letting my bike sway with it. The road to Playa Guiones had large potholes and was generally very wet. (Lots of cars and surfers there.) As I mentioned in my last post, the roads on the hills of Nosara would be rough on a car. Best to visit on a bike.



Yeah. Is there such a thing as being TOO happy?!


Song: Yes, Wild Thing! 🙂

However, it could also be this one: Love is like oxygen. You get too much you get too high. 🙂

September 6, 2018. Villa Mango, Nosara, Costa Rica.

Riding in Costa Rica: KNOW THE LOVE!


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