Easy from now on – Bajos del Toro to Sarchi (Rt 708 from Rt 140)

As I have mentioned before, taking a route in a new direction gives you a whole new perspective with new vistas.  Obviously! 🙂 This morning I rode down to Rio Cuarto (via Vara Blanca) to Bajos del Toro, then up to Sarchi.

Entering Route 708 from Rt 140

Yes, even though it looked like rain, I headed to Bajos because I did not want to ride to Ciudad Quesada and Zarcero. I wanted something new and quicker.

Rt 708 to Bajos del Toro

I like this road and area a lot. It feels “LONG AGO.” 🙂 Like another time.

I love tree ferns.
Nearing Bajos del Toro


I did not linger in Bajos del Toro.

I decided to take the alternate route UP, which is not as steep as the new road, just to check it out with more care.

Parts of the road need some repair.
View on left

I like this route because it is intense! Wild, forgotten. Rugged in parts, but not too challenging.

Nearing the top, Bajos del Toro is way down below now.


And, yes, I did hit rain on the way down and most of the way home. Between Alajuela and Santa Barbara, the roads turned to rivers, as is common in Costa Rica with heavy downpours because the drainage system cannot handle the amount of water.

BUT, my town and mountain was sunny when I got home! An unusual occurrence. 🙂

Yeah. An interesting riding day. September 11, 2018.


“And I’ll be ridin’ high
In a fandangled sky
It’s gonna be easy
It’s gonna be easy from now on..” LINK: Easy from now on


Google maps: Bajos del Toro

In this Facebook Album you get a sense of Bajos del Toro town. 

Bajos Del Toro/Termales del Bosque

Rt 126 Heading out this morning



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