A “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!” Day! :-) Vara Blanca/Zarcero

Rt 126 past Carrizal, Central Valley below

Great to LIVE THE POWER again on a gorgeous day!

Rt 126, view of Poas Volcano

Last night I was happy for the downpours, for I knew the chances were I would have a clear day for a long ride today. And so it was! Perfect!

I headed out Rt 126 through Carrizal/Vara Blanca to San Miguel, then looped around through Aguas Zarcas/Ciudad Quesada to Zarcero. Everything seemed to be in stark relief — the mountains, the trees, the clouds…my happiness! 🙂

Rt 126

Rt 126 is a great road with timeless views.  Smooth, easy, curvy, fun, stunning, awesome.

Rt 126
IMG_20180927_080418 (1)
Rt 126 with valley in the distance
Heading down to La Paz Waterfall
Rt 126 view on left on upper ridge
IMG_20180927_083543 (1)
The endless valley below, coming down.

I took a lot of detours today. Up little mountain roads. And into Venecia and Aguas Zarcas, trying to get closer to the mountains that seemed to be calling me.

Rt 140 – GREAT road!
One of my many detours

Venecia is a lovely town. With elegant houses, nice streets, and a peaceful, tranquil feel. And a few cute houses as well! 🙂

House in Venecia
Those mountains called me, which is why I took so many left turns! Rt 140

As expected, I hit fog after Ciudad Quesada, but it cleared up again near Zarcero.

Rt 141. Often foggy

Yes. Today was a YES day! I felt good and strong all day. I had the power back! Love that groove!

Lunch at Mirador Zarcero

Total time (with lots of stops): 7.5 hours — September 27, 2018.

FEEL the beauty. Know the love. Live the Power.

Song:  You can do magic.

IMG_20180927_080634 (1)
Grateful for my  Honda XL 200 🙂 She takes me there!


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