Flora and Fauna Magic! (Guacalillo and Bajamar Beaches)

Rt 27

I am so grateful that this morning I decided to take Rt 27 down to Guacalillo and Bajamar beaches. Rt 27 is relatively nice in the early morning hours (and it was fine coming back at 9:30 a.m.). I simply had another magic morning. I feel so blessed to have my Honda!


I stopped for breakfast at “Los Congos” restaurant and was lucky enough to see, yes, Congos! That is, Howler Monkeys! Yay.

Upside down Howler hanging from his feet, eating a flower.

I first went to Guacalillo beach. The road is paved for a couple of kilometers, then turns to hard-packed gravel. It has places that are very rutted with lots of pot holes. Lots of mango farms and cow pastures along this road.


I collected some flat driftwood at Guacalillo beach. Both Guacalillo and Bajamar are good for collecting this kind of driftwood.

Flat Driftwood from Guacalillo beach
Guacalillo Beach (driftwood in green sack)
Guacalillo Beach Road

After collecting driftwood and enjoying the feel of the beach, I decided to ride over to Bajamar. There is a shortcut. When Chuck and I took this, he could not make it up, for some reason. I did on my Honda. So I figured I could go down it today. I did. 🙂 I’ve got an XL 200, made just for this!

Shortcut road, looking up


I like visiting Bajamar because it has Mucuna Sloanei vines (“Ojo de Buey) and Nickernut bushes (though there were no nickernuts today).

Bajamar Road. Iguana camouflaged on left tree. 🙂

I did see some Mucuna sloanei (“Ox Eye”) pods and collected some beans.


Bajamar Road

The magic happened for me in Bajamar. I rode under an almond tree full of red Macaws! They scattered and flew above me and in front of me. They are so beautiful in flight! I was so happy! (I did not know that Guacalillo was a Biological Corridor for Lapas — Macaws.) I have heard them before when in Bajamar, but not seen them. Today I got a good look at them. Below is a bad zoomed photo. 🙂

Macaws at Bajamar
Bajamar Lagoon

A man was once eaten by a crocodile at this lagoon. So I hold my breath when I stop to take photos! Hahaha! I mean, the lagoon comes right up to the road.

So. I went in on the Guacalillo Road and came out the Bajamar Road (Calle Loros). Nice little loop, visiting other worlds and enjoying some of the flora and fauna of my beloved Costa Rica!


Total time: Exactly 6 hours, with lots of stops. September 30, 2018.

The song that comes now is “Tequila Sunrise.” Don’t know why.

Yeah. Love the magic days!



FEEL THE MAGIC! Know the love. 


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