FAST, curvy fun! :-) Rt 1 to Rt3

Well. Not much to say, and not many photos.  Only a few.

You know I love these kinds of adorable houses! Had to do a U turn to take this photo. 🙂

Some rides are about loving the awesome beauty of Costa Rica, and feeling the wonder that comes when seeing its majestic views. Other rides are just about fun. Today’s ride was about pure, fast fun!! No time for photos! Hahaha!

Lots of fun curves on both Rt 1 and Rt 3.

I messed around a bit in the early morning hours, exploring roads I don’t usually ride, then I went to Denny’s for breakfast. From Denny’s in Alajuela, to loop around on Rt 1 to La Casita de Cafe on Rt 3 took me exactly two hours. Might take a faster rider an hour and half (or less).  It was a lot of fun because there wasn’t a much traffic on the road.

As I have mentioned before, I just LOVE it when I am in the groove! Full Power! Cruising at my own chosen speed. Delicious.

I decided to go to Kay’s Cafe and Restaurant in Atenas since I have not been there in a while (choosing to go to Casita de Cafe instead because of the views). It was nice to see Ana and chat a bit. She and her husband are from Poland and lived many years in Canada. She said they will be upgrading the restaurant — putting in nicer tables and chairs and decorating a bit. That will be nice. Less “soda”-ish. I may go there for Thanksgiving. We shall see. I like connecting with others on my rides. 🙂

Enjoy your day!

Ana and me at Kay’s Cafe.



Song: Everybody plays the fool, sometimes. 🙂 


October 11, 2018


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