Mountain of Death/Dominical/Quepos/Home


I decided to go riding with the “Moto Friends” group again.  Mostly because I am enjoying making friends. I knew it was going to be a long trip because of the route we chose, but I did not expect to be on the road 13 hours! Hahaha! Mostly cause my little Honda can’t really go any faster than 100 kph, so I averaged 90/95/100.


I did not freeze as I usually do on the mountain of death (Route 2) for some reason, so I enjoyed that part of the trip immensely. We did hit some wet fog, but it wasn’t too bad. Cool!


The views nearing San Isidro del General and leaving it towards Dominical were beautiful! I love this part of the country. Guess I love many parts of Costa Rica. 🙂 I often think I should move to this area when/if I sell my house. It has many things I need and like. But, I think I need to be more practical and find a place closer to my son and my properties.



We road fast to Quepos. One guy went 165 kph and another guy passed him at 185 kph! Guess on big bikes, when the road is totally clear, one can do that!

Quepos Marina — Nice place to stop and eat. Will return!
Glad to be making friends

My bike started sputtering, as it has been doing lately. It even shut off once. 😦 We hit rain on highway 27 on the way home, and it got dark fast. This was hard on me because I do not have good night vision (I have astigmatism). Fortunately, Luis Herrera stayed behind me to take care of me (during the whole trip). I like this feeling of being taken care of — I am not used to it! 🙂

Riding in the rain in the dark, unlit roads was challenging. I had to lift my visor most of the time because I simply could not see when there was oncoming traffic, but then my face/eyes would get wet. I decided to turn off at Turrucares to take the less trafficked back roads home.

BUT — I made it home, safe and sound and happy! Left the house at 6:15 a.m. and made it home by 7:15 p.m.


Song: Take me home country roads. 🙂 

Photo from earlier this year of me at the Cerro de la Muerte. I post cause I love the sign of the Danta (Tapir).


Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the love. Live the power.

Date of ride: Sunday October 14, 2018.



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