Making Lemonade (Car ride to Tilaran/La Fortuna and Route 713)

Since my Honda is getting repaired, on Thursday I took a singing road trip in my RAV4 with a new friend around Lake Tilaran to La Fortuna, back through Rt 702 to San Ramon, then through 713 to Route 3 (coming out at Casita de Cafe).


Singing along to my favorite music, driving on smooth roads that had no traffic, and having interesting conversations with my friend was almost as good as riding my bike! Almost! 🙂




Actually, it is a different kind of fun, and I was delighted to feel so happy.







I’ve always enjoyed Rt 702 from La Fortuna to San Ramon. Lovey drive or ride.


Pedestrian ramp on bridge on Rt 702

Link to more bridge photos.

Route 702

Route 713 from San Ramon through Estanquillos to Rt 3 may be bit challenging for me on my bike, with the sharp, downhill, hairpin curves that stress me out a bit. But the views are gorgeous. Almost all of it is paved, with some rough gravel spots here and there. I may try it some day, just to practice riding on these kinds of curves.

Rt 713 to Estanquillos. Ocean on Right. Taken from inside car.
Wrong turn. Hahaha! But great views!

Anyhow, driving was easy and fun, and I am glad I got to do a reconnaissance trip of route 713. I have ridden it up from Palmares and down to San Ramon (and the other way around), but never all the way across.





My friend, Diane and I, at the Casita de Cafe.  No I won’t post another photo of the view! 🙂




I am hoping my Honda will be ready by tomorrow (Saturday) evening, so that I can ride on Sunday. But if it isn’t, then, as they say, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s what I will do. Maybe take another reconnaissance drive in my car.

Song: With no particular place to go.

Rt 713 to Route 3



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