Been There. Done That. (Routes 713 and 715)

Today I went to Casita del Cafe to decide where to go next. So many options! I decided to take Route 713 from here, through Estanquillos to San Ramón. I had done it once in the car in the other direction (LINK) and wanted to try it on my bike.

Area around Estanquillos
Nice views of the ocean heading out (can’t really see it in in this photo).
Entering the middle part of 713

The middle part of 713 goes down hill steeply with sharp, hair pin curves. The road is of rocks embedded in cement till you come near the bottom little bridge (of course!), where it is rocky gravel. Then it goes steeply uphill again with more hairpin curves. For me, this is not fun, and I won’t take this route again.


It does turn to nice pavement again on the way out, with gorgeous views on the left (of the ocean) and on the right (of Palmares).


View of Palmares below


I took some side roads up the hills and just wandered around a bit before heading out to Palmares and Zaragoza, where I took Route 715 to Sarchí. This route winds around some cliffs above the Río Grande. I liked it. The gravel was easy, as were the curves and the inclines. I will take this route again.

Route 715
View across river. Typical terrain.

Route 715 eventually turns to pavement again and runs under Highway 1 to come out on Route 118 to Sarchí.


I then decided to take a long detour to Poasito and Vara Blanca. Hahahaha! Why not? The weather is gorgeous in Costa Rica this summer. Might as well take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Poasito, heading over to Vara Blanca. Barva Volcano in the distance.

And, yes, it is windy out there!


Route 713 from Estanquillos to San Ramón
Route 715 from Zaragoza to Sarchí

Feb 9, 2019

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