Route 126


I have several posts about Route 126, which I take often. Today I went on it again for breakfast near Cinchona, before heading over to a house-warming party in Grecia. I did not want to layer as I usually do, so I was cold.  Best to come prepared when you are planning on riding this route (Vara Blanca area).

Nearing La Paz Lodge and Waterfall
Mirador Restaurant on the way to Cinchona

I like to go to this restaurant to see the birds. But today there were mostly birdwatchers, not so many birds. 🙂 Maybe also because I went later than my usual time.


IMG_20181104_093844The clouds did part briefly to reveal the waterfall.


Route 126. Good road, interesting curves, great views (when clear). I will add some other posts later to show other photos of it.

I then headed over to Grecia for the party. I was an hour early, so I got to wait a bit by a nice tree. 🙂


At the party, we discussed wrinkles again and accepting our aging process. Hahaha! Oh well. Life is life, and aging is aging — and both life and aging are better with a bike! As they say. 🙂


I rode home in the rain for an hour and a half, and, as usual, the roads turned into rivers. These photos don’t show the worst — only where I stopped for photos. Yeah. In the rainy season, be prepared for road rivers!This



Riding in Costa Rica: KNOW THE LOVE.

Nov 4, 2018

Song: Cry me a river.


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