Route 707 – Escobal/Guacimo/Atenas

I took Route 707 home today from Esterillos Este.

Sadly, on the Costanera, I saw a dead Scarlet Macaw and a dead sloth. 😦 One thing I don’t like about riding in Costa Rica is the road kill. Worst was when I saw a dead monkey and two dead raccoons on the same day. Bummer!


It was a lovely morning compared to yesterday’s rains. The ride was easy and smooth. The pleasure of riding mid-week in the off season.

Tarcoles River
Route 707

Route 707 is paved all the way. There are some rough spots, but it is quite easy to ride — on any bike. I suppose last time I came they had laid fine gravel on top of the old pavement? Not sure.


The views were a bit hazy today.

View behind me
Quite hazy. Either from Turrialba volcano or smog. Rio Grande below, but you can’t really see it.
Dragon fruit farm. Cool. I have never eaten one.
Coming out of Guacimo. View of distant volcanos Poás and Barva.
Coming into Atenas

Yeah. Fun, easy, smooth ride in the sunshine. 🙂 Life is good!

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty.

Time to take off the saddle bags and maybe take her for a bath!


Song: Smooth, by Santana. 

Route 707

My route:


Nov 1, 2018 – Happy Day of the Dead! (Photo from my trip to Mexico in 2011.)



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