In the summertime when the weather is high

Looks like summer may be here! With it’s dry blue skies, sharp light, and clear vistas.

Today, I took a ride with my “Grupo Moto Amigos” friends to Puntarenas, via Route 1. Since everything is green because it is the end of the rainy season, all the plants and trees along the roads looked so thick, lush, and tropical.  It was lovely.

Breakfast at Las Tinajitas Restaurant past San Ramon

The beginning of summer is especially nice because the air is clear, not with too much smog, dust, or volcanic ash. The light is gorgeous!

Hope to see Red Macaws on these beach almond trees someday!

There were lots of people in Puntarenas, enjoying a hot Sunday at the beach.

Storm! was able to keep up with the guys.  I enjoyed the extra power of a slightly bigger engine.



I was thinking how there were times in the past when I was riding alone, and I would see a group go by, and I would feel a pang of longing…to belong. Now, I have the best of both worlds: I can ride alone (which I love) and with the guys, without stress thanks to my XR 250 Tornado.


Now that summer is here there will be many rides. I am especially looking forward to the ones that are on gravel roads, for I love riding on new roads.  A few Honda Red Riders want to do some off road riding. Yay!



I am also looking forward to riding with other riding friends (just the two of us). That’s another experience altogether.

Can’t wait!!

Today’s trip: Rt 1 to Puntarenas, then Rt 137 to Puriscal. Ten hours riding time with stops for food and drinks.

Song: In the summertime









Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.








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