Yes! Now I have the bike I want: STORM! My brand-new Honda XR Tornado 250. Yay!

Maybe bikes are like people: with some, you just have unavoidable chemistry; and with others, there is zero attraction. Hahaha! I did not “fall in love” with Stormy. I was just happy to have a replacement for when my XL was at the doctor’s, and my mechanic thought she was a good deal. So, I bought her.

But I do feel a strong attraction to STORM! Chemistry!


I rode her to Grecia today.


I already dropped her! Hahaha! She is breaking me in. 🙂
(I had stopped at a restaurant with a hole/incline on the right, and I could not hold her up! She is tall. I was neither surprised nor upset. All part of the experience for me.)

It was a gorgeous afternoon. I rode home on the upper mountain roads again, feeling blessed to live and ride a bike here.


And here is Stormy with her new trunk. Waiting to be sold to her new owner, to whom I hope she will bring all the luck she brought me. 🙂

Stormy, Nov 20, 2018

Honda gave me a new helmet when I bought Storm. It is nice to have a clear visor. 🙂


I am looking forward to new riding adventures with Storm! on the beautiful roads of Costa Rica. May I discover many new trails this summer. Can’t wait!

Song: Blame it on midnight, Oh, shame on the moon!

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the power

Storm! on Calle Nueva, Alajueal, Nov 23, 2018



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