The Nowhere Roads of Puntarenas (Coming home from Costa de Pájaros)

Coming home from Costa de Pájaros today, I took a right turn onto a gravel road to hook back with highway 1, and ended up riding on nowhere roads for about an hour. I loved it! (And, yes, at one point I did check out Google maps to see where the heck I was! :-))


There were no stores on these roads. Only two houses all the way to Rt 1. A few delivery trucks did cross my path. That’s all. But the roads were smooth gravel without any pot holes. Easy to ride.

You can’t see them, but there are buzzards on the road drying their wings, as well as a few on the side of the road, to the right, behind the fence. I like to see buzzards drying their wings. 🙂
Not a soul in sight!


Must get pretty hot and dusty in the middle of the dry season! Right now, things are still green.


I was glad to stop for lunch!


T Rex at Monteverde Restaurant, Rt 1. Must be fun for kids.

For some reason, I had an absolutely wonderful time riding home from Esparza>San Mateo>Atenas. Maybe cause there wasn’t much traffic going in the direction I was going on. The road was delicious! I felt the power! 🙂

I took back roads home all the way to avoid traffic. Perfect!

The usual summer cloud over my mountain. But, fortunately, it wasn’t misting when I got home.

I love days like today! New roads, lots of fun, good vibes. 🙂

Total time: Nine hours, with stops for breakfast, lunch, and a strawberry milkshake.

Song: I love it when we’re cruising together!


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