Playa Blanca and Costa de Pájaros, Puntarenas

I decided to go check out “Costa de Pájaros,” in Puntarenas. Don’t we all like exploring new places?:-)

Playa Blanca, Punta Morales

I first went to Playa Blanca, which is a lovely beach. Not sure about swimming though, as the water looks murky from nearby mangroves (I think).

Route 132 to Punta Morales is nicely paved (this is the road to Playa Blanca and where the  turn off is to Costa de Pájaros) .

The road into Costa de Pájaros is about half paved, with some gravel and dirt as well. The side roads and beach front road once you are there are gravel. 

Road into Costa de Pájaros.


Inlets or ponds as one is approaching the fishing village.



Costa de Pájaros is a poor fishing village along the coast, with lots of little houses.


I enjoyed riding through this little town, especially its beach front roads, which were lined with little houses.


The side roads lead to the beach front road.



In many places you will see people making fish nets.
Pájaros = Birds.


Boat repair shop, Costa de Pájaros

Costa de Pájaros is an interesting community. Very alive. People everywhere. I liked it.

I went right through it, then at some point took a right and ended up on gravel roads in the middle of nowhere for about an hour, heading back to the highway. It was fun. I will share those photos in another post. 

The song that came to mind on my way there was: Breathe. Breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care. 


Feel the Beauty. Know the love. Live the power! Ride!

Storm! at Playa Blanca



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