From Escobal to Atenas to Grecia (Rt 707)

I am adding some more photos of Route 707 again, from the part that goes from Escobal to Guacimo (and Atenas). I had some time to kill in the afternoon yesterday, so I took this long route on my way to Grecia to meet up with friends. That’s what is so wonderful about owning a bike in Costa Rica: you can take the long, scenic route to places, and the journey is as enjoyable as reaching your final destination. 🙂

Train Station, Escobal

I was going to take Calle Barroeta from Escobal up to, well Barroeta, and then Route three. But the bartender at the restaurant at entrance to Escobal discouraged me. He said it was all uphill with rocks and I better stay still.  (“Mejor quedese quieta.”) 🙂

RestaurantThinking about it today, I think I probably could have made it without any problem. But, in any case, perhaps I can try it out with someone some day. (There doesn’t seem to be any “someone” as an occasional riding buddy, as I had hoped. And, I suppose that is OK. I can ride with groups and alone.)

A lot of the curve son Rt 707 are shaded like this. Nice.

Since the weather was so nice, I was able to get some shots of the views. (At one point, one is pretty high up there, looking across at Baron’s Resort and Pica Flor Cabins.)

Rio Grande below



Coming out. Views of Poás and Barva volcanoes in the distance.

I then went to Grecia and will post a few photos of  the Grecia area.

The sugar cane flowers are now in bloom in many areas around Grecia. Beautiful!
Typical scene going to El Cajon de Grecia.
Sugar cane fields coming down from Sta Gertrudis to Tácares.
San Isidro de Grecia road. Poás Volcano.

Anyhow, I went to a dance with friends last night and spent the night up there with a couple. Then this morning I headed out to my Río Cuarto lake ride. 🙂


As they say, “Life is better with a bike!”



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