Rio Cuarto Lake

My plan this morning was to ride from Zarcero down to Bajos del Toro. I have never taken that road.

Breakfast at El Mirador Restaurant

I wanted to take the road that goes from Laguna/Palmira to Bajos, so I rode right past Zarcero town center, looking for a sign. After a while, I realized there probably wasn’t a sign and that I had missed the turn. I was already too far gone to turn around. So, with a heart that was heavy with disappointment, I rode through the cold, wet fog to Ciudad Quesada, thinking maybe I could go UP from Bajos del Toro to Zarcero, which might be best anyhow because of the hairpin curves I see on the map.

The roads of San Carlos. Superb!

Once on the roads of San Carlos, I felt better. 🙂 I even took several detours, as I like to do.


The mountains around Bajos were covered in darkish clouds, so I nixed my plan.

Road from Rio Cuarto to Bajos del Toro. Clouds above mountains.

For a few months now I have wanted to go check out the Rio Cuarto lake. So, when I saw a sign for it, I happily turned left, and off I went! Yay!


The road got a bit rocky, but that was not problem for Storm! Yes, I am happy I bought a Honda tornado. 🙂 It’s perfect for these kinds of roads.



Some spots had relatively large rocks, but I did not stop for photos.


I was happy to see the lake. I usually do not linger in places since I am alone. I would like to go there someday, during the week, with someone, so that we could picnic together. There were a few cars there, with some guys hanging out, and some people on rafts out on the lake.

Can’t see them in this photo, but there are two waterfalls on the cliffs to the left.

I headed home through Rt 126 (San Miguel-Vara Blanca). Always spectacular!

Side view of Restaurant with cooking wood piled up, half covered in ugly plastic. 🙂
Front of Mirador de Cinchona Restaurant

I stopped at Mirador de Cinchona Restaurant for a snack. The view of the waterfall was super clear.



I headed home through the fog of Vara Blanca and was happy to come out of the clouds nearing Carrizal and that the weather at my house was perfect!

View from home.

Riding in Costa Rica:

Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power!

Song: Once again, “Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.”




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