San Miguel de Grecia

Yesterday, I was on the back roads of Ciudad Colon. Dry, dusty, gravel roads. (Unfortunately, I deleted the photos.)  Today I was in  Vara Blanca/Poasito — crisp and cold — and the San Miguel de Grecia areas (warm). So many micro-climates in Costa Rica!

Poás volcano as seen from route 126
A crisp, cold morning in Vara Blanca. Poás volcano in distance. Route 120.
Barva Volcano as seen from Poasito road. Route 146.

I took my XL 200 to a friend in San Miguel for her to try it out. She definitely wants to buy it . I am struggling emotionally with whether I want to do this. I would prefer to sell Stormy, the 2016 Honda 250 Tornado, but it is not selling.  I like my XL cause it is low and easy to handle. And, needless to say, I am bonded with her!

Upper ridge of San Miguel, top of Poás.

There are many ridges in the Grecia area (San Luís, Cajón, Carbonal, San Isidro, Calle Rodgriguez, etc.) They each have an expat community which socializes regularly and are close-knit. I appreciate this about Grecia, where I go weekly to a 12 Step meeting and to other gatherings (like a “Day of the Three Kings” – Mardi Gra party today). It was fun to go to the top of the San Miguel ridge. (I probably could have gone further). There is a restaurant up there called Las Brisas, which would be nice to visit sometime.

Other ridge on left, Cajón.
Road from Carbonal to San Isidro de Grecia


My Honda XL 200

Sunday, January 6, 2019.

One of these days I will ride across all theses little mountain roads, from San Juan Norte, to San Luis de Grecia. Cool! 


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